3 Signs Your Medical Clinic Should Use A Healthcare Compensation Valuation Service

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If you are in charge of a medical clinic, you might currently think that your company pays your employees, such as your physicians, nurses and other staff members, appropriate wages. However, what you might not realize is that there are services out there that can help you determine if this is the case. These are a few signs that your medical clinic should consider using one of these services. 1. You're Adding Responsibilities for Staff Members

2 December 2017

3 Fundraising Tips For Raising Money For Kenyan Primary Care Centers

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In Kenya, there is an epidemic of famine. This affects many members of the community, making it all the more important to have primary care centers available. You can do your part to support these communities and improve their health by following these fundraising guidelines:  Establish a Financial Goal When it comes to raising money for a good cause, it helps to establish some sort of financial goal. This gives you something to aim for and keep everyone motivated during fundraising and charity events.

13 November 2017

Bunions And Men: How Can You Get Them?

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Although many people associate bunions with women who wear high-heeled shoes, men can also get bunions (hallux valgus) on their toes. Bunions are bumps that grow on the sides of your largest toes. Over time, the bumps can deform your feet. Here's how you can get bunions on your toes and what you can do to prevent them. How Can You Get Bunions? If you wear tight work boots, dress shoes, or sneakers, you could be at risk for bunions.

27 October 2017

What To Expect If You Have Been Diagnosed With Colon Cancer

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The first few days after being diagnosed with colon cancer probably leave you in a fog. You can't believe it is happening to you. While the doctor probably explained what you need to do next, it may be muddled in your head. Once you have processed the fact you have cancer, you are going to have a lot of questions. Although the information contained here is not complete, and there are many things that will affect the cancer treatment you and your doctor agree upon, here is a bit of information to get you started.

5 October 2017

Trying To Get Pregnant? How Acupuncture Treatments Can Help

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Acupuncture is a Tradiional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy used to relieve pain and symptoms from a variety of illnesses. However, did you know that acupuncture can be used in your quest to conceive? Although you will still want to talk with your primary doctor or reproductive endocrinologist first, he or she may recommend acupuncture as an adjunctive treatment. Take a look at why acupuncture fertility treatments can help:  They Can Help Relieve Stress

18 September 2017

Pediatric Epilepsy: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

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Pediatric epilepsy is a chronic disorder of the neurological system, characterized by a recurrence of seizures due to abnormal electrical impulses within the brain. Many children outgrow epileptic convulsions by adolescence. This condition may be diagnosed early on by a pediatric neurologist. Once a diagnosis has been conclusively made, treatment may begin, and lifestyle changes may be implemented to keep the seizures under control. Epilepsy in Childhood: Recognizing the Symptoms

22 August 2017

Pros And Cons Of Choosing An Electric Wheelchair During Your Recovery


If you have suffered a serious lower body injury and will be wheelchair-bound for some time, then you have an important decision to make. Do you want to keep pushing yourself around in a standard wheelchair, or should you invest a bit more to buy or rent an electric wheelchair? There are both pros and cons to electric wheelchairs, which you should consider carefully before making your decision. Pros of Electric Wheelchairs For Temporary Recovery

11 August 2017

Lens Options For Eyeglasses

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In the past, people sometimes hated the thought of wearing eyeglasses because of the way that the lenses looked. Nowadays, in addition to eyeglass frames, eyeglass lenses that are more attractive can be selected. Here are a few modern lens choices associated with the purchase of a pair of glasses: High Index Lenses High index lenses are great options for people who want thinner lenses in their glasses. In addition to being thinner, high index lenses are lighter in weight.

27 July 2017

How To Help Your Parent Get The Most Out Of Assisted Living


Moving into assisted living is a great step towards helping your parent enjoy their golden years. With the care and resources available to them in an assisted living home, they can spend more time enjoying the activities and people they love, and less time worrying about obligations like cleaning and cooking. You can also be confident that someone will be there to care for them if they have a medical emergency or need to get to the doctor's office.

7 July 2017

5 Ways Your Family Doctor Can Help You Battle Clinical Depression

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It's normal to feel sad or exhausted every once and a while, but when it becomes your daily mode of living instead, there's a good chance you're suffering from clinical depression. It's true that psychiatrists and therapists specialize in the treatment of mental health concerns like depression, yet your family doctor also plays an important role in helping you manage this life altering condition. Learn why it's a great idea to get your family doctor more involved in the care of your depression.

21 March 2017