Three Tests Your Audiologist Can Use To Check Your Hearing

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As a patient, you probably assume that there is only one type of test your audiologist uses to check your hearing. In fact, there are three types of tests that an audiologist has at his or her disposal. One is more common than the others, which is why you probably are aware of only one. The others are used when a different set of circumstances present themselves and the usual test might not be very helpful.

31 December 2014

Sensitive Vision: Why Do Bright Holiday Lights Bother Your Eyes?


If you experience headaches, nausea and other symptoms every time you expose your eyes to bright holiday decorations and lights, you may have light-sensitive eyes. An eye doctor can examine your eyes and prescribe eyeglasses with special light filters in the lenses to improve your condition. Until you see an eye doctor or ophthalmologist for treatment, keep in mind the information below. Why Do You Have Light-Sensitive Eyes? Your eye doctor defines light-sensitive vision as photophobia.

30 December 2014