Adult Acne: Blasting Zits Into Oblivion

My name is Jamie Turner and when I turned 22, I started to form a horrible case of acne. I used every cleanser and lotion I could find and I even asked my physician for a topical steroid cream to clear up the zits on my face. After six months of treatment, my physician completed a blood test that concluded that a hormone imbalance was causing my acne. I started on therapy to control the amount of estrogen my body produced. The therapy along with a good diet and exercise regimen helped to clear up my acne. I am sharing my story, because acne is not just a condition that affects teenagers. It can affect adults at any age, and it can cause a great deal of embarrassment. Don't let your acne go untreated. Read my blog instead and learn about both natural and medical treatments that can help you.

Quick Medical Spa Services That Make a Big Impact

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When you think about visiting a medical spa, you may be imagining spending several hours there. Indeed, there are a lot of great treatments, like electrolysis and vein removal, that take a few hours. However, there are also some medical spa treatments that are surprisingly quick and also effective. Practitioners often refer to these services as "lunch break treatments" as you could have one during your lunch break and go right back to work. So, what treatments fall into this category? Here are a few key ones.

Dermal Filler Injections

Are you struggling with fine lines, wrinkles, or even folds on your face? Rather than going through an expensive and painful facelift, you may want to visit a medical spa for some dermal filler injections. Basically, these are injections that add volume in and under your skin, which eases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. There are a few different substances that can be injected including hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, and collagen. Your practitioner can recommend the one that's best for you, but in any case, the injections only take a few minutes, and there's no downtime involved. You may have a little redness, but you can hide that with some concealer for the afternoon.


If you have unwanted pockets of fat or cellulite on your thighs or midsection, under your chin, or on the backs of your arms, then cryolipolysis is a treatment to look into. There are a few brand name procedures that use this technique, but they all work about the same. A cold device is held against your skin. It selectively freezes your fat cells, leaving the rest of your cells untouched. In the days that follow, your body will shed the fat that was in those frozen fat cells. Cryolipolysis is not painful, and it takes less than an hour to treat most areas. 

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Intense pulsed light therapy is sometimes known as IPL. This is a therapy that involves aiming pulses of light at your skin. It can be used to ease the appearance of scars due to past acne. It can also reduce the appearance of age spots, rosacea, and even birthmarks. A session only takes a half-hour or less, and there's minimal discomfort involved, so you can go back to work with no downtime afterward.

If you only have your lunch break to get a cosmetic treatment, make the most of it. These three therapies all offer different benefits, but each one is quick and effective. To learn more, visit a medical spa near you. 


21 July 2021