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How Physical Therapy Helps Manage Increasingly Worse Mobility Issues

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A person's mobility can drastically change as they age and become more limited in various ways. Often, mobility-related impairments occur slowly over a lengthy period. The small changes that they trigger may cause progressive problems that require treatment to manage. Thankfully, physical therapy can address many issues before they become lifelong problems.

Loss of Mobility May Be a Slow-Building Problem

Decreased mobility typically occurs over a lengthy period, as an individual struggles with increasing bouts of pain. For example, arthritis may impact a knee and make movement hard for a person. As the individual moves less often, they may develop issues with their back, arms, elbows, and other areas of the body. Unfortunately, this progression usually occurs slowly and without easy monitoring.

Therefore, individuals in this situation need treatment to decrease their pain. Medications provide much help, but physical therapy produces the best overall effect. This treatment offers various types of strength-building routines designed around a person's specific needs. In this way, it is possible to overcome mobility issues and avoid their slow progression throughout the body.

Ways Physical Therapy Can Help

Physical therapy provides a myriad of exercises controlled by therapists who handle these routines regularly. Treatment starts by diagnosing the root of a mobility issue — such as problems with the knee — and creating a plan that helps. For example, many therapists begin with small and focused knee movements that expand the range of mobility without causing pain at the same time.

Typically, therapy starts by eliminating pain and progressing to reversing its causes. For example, a lack of mobility in the knee requires exercises that increase its flexibility and strength. And those with extensive mobility problems may need full-body routines that focus on multiple areas of the body. In this way, they can stop and even reverse the progression of their unfortunate condition.

Many of these physical therapy techniques translate well to home routines, particularly in roomy and comfortable settings. As a result, older adults worried about mobility problems should talk to physical therapists right away to learn more. These professionals diagnose the root of mobility issues and create a schedule of routines that decrease their severity over time. Often, many treatments provide success almost immediately but require persistence for full efficiency. Therefore, regular visits to a physical therapist provide the best chance of maintaining a strong and healthy body with a full range of mobility.

For more information on physical therapy, contact a local clinic.


30 November 2020