Adult Acne: Blasting Zits Into Oblivion

My name is Jamie Turner and when I turned 22, I started to form a horrible case of acne. I used every cleanser and lotion I could find and I even asked my physician for a topical steroid cream to clear up the zits on my face. After six months of treatment, my physician completed a blood test that concluded that a hormone imbalance was causing my acne. I started on therapy to control the amount of estrogen my body produced. The therapy along with a good diet and exercise regimen helped to clear up my acne. I am sharing my story, because acne is not just a condition that affects teenagers. It can affect adults at any age, and it can cause a great deal of embarrassment. Don't let your acne go untreated. Read my blog instead and learn about both natural and medical treatments that can help you.

Tips For Getting The Most From Massage Therapy Sessions


Going to a massage therapist can be a great way to find relief from physical pain and mental stress. If you have never received a professional massage, it can be easy to find yourself intimidated by this process, but some basic tips may help you to be more informed and confident about these sessions.

Schedule Your Sessions For The End Of The Day

A professional massage can be a very relaxing experience, and for the full effect, you may want to ensure that these sessions are always scheduled at the end of your day. Some individuals may attempt to sneak away from work or attend one of these sessions on their lunch, but this may be a mistake. The stress of knowing what tasks you need to do when you leave can compromise the effectiveness of your treatment. Also, you may find it difficult to get back into the work mindset once you leave the therapist's due to being extremely relaxed.

Give Yourself Time To Relax Prior To Starting The Sessions

It can be easy for individuals to overlook the benefits that come with arriving for their appointment early. One of the more important benefits is that this will give you a chance to relax and collect yourself prior to the session. By starting the session as relaxed as possible, you can allow the massage therapist to spend more time working on your underlying problem rather than simply loosening your muscles and joints for the treatment. If you do not like sitting in a waiting area, you can choose to meditate for a few moments in the car prior to entering the building. However, make sure that you set an alarm as it can be easy to fall asleep in the car and make yourself late for your session.

Be Honest When Answering Your Massage Therapist's Questions

Prior to starting to receive these treatments, your massage therapist will likely need to ask you a variety of medical questions. These questions are designed to inform the therapist about your main problem as well as provide them with information about your lifestyle. Some individuals may feel embarrassed to admit that they do not work out or that they have a very poor diet. However, it is important to be truthful with your massage therapist. These professionals are not interested in judging your personal choices, but this information can provide them with valuable insights that may help guide your session. For example, a patient who does not work out may need their massages to start more slowly as the muscles may take longer to get adequate blood flow to become loose and flexible. 

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14 December 2016