Adult Acne: Blasting Zits Into Oblivion

My name is Jamie Turner and when I turned 22, I started to form a horrible case of acne. I used every cleanser and lotion I could find and I even asked my physician for a topical steroid cream to clear up the zits on my face. After six months of treatment, my physician completed a blood test that concluded that a hormone imbalance was causing my acne. I started on therapy to control the amount of estrogen my body produced. The therapy along with a good diet and exercise regimen helped to clear up my acne. I am sharing my story, because acne is not just a condition that affects teenagers. It can affect adults at any age, and it can cause a great deal of embarrassment. Don't let your acne go untreated. Read my blog instead and learn about both natural and medical treatments that can help you.

What To Remember When Getting Dressed For Your Chiropractic Appointment


If you have been injured or are dealing with chronic pain, you might have decided to schedule a chiropractic appointment. In fact, you might have just decided that an adjustment will be good for your overall health, such as your posture and your overall comfort levels. Regardless, you might feel like you are mostly ready for your appointment, but you might be unsure of what to wear. Just as long as you remember these things when you're getting ready, you're sure to choose the right outfit for your appointment.   

You'll Be Moving Around a Lot

First of all, you should remember that you will be moving around quite a bit. Your chiropractor will be using various stretches and other techniques to move your spine and your arms and legs around, so you'll need to be dressed so that you can do so comfortably. This means that you may want to consider wearing something similar to what you would wear to the gym, such as a pair of sweatpants or yoga pants and a tank top or T-shirt. Since you'll be moving around so much while you are lying on the table, you might also want to take modesty into consideration; this means that shorts that are loose on your legs or a skirt or dress might not be the best choice.

You Might Need an X-Ray

Even though an X-ray might not be needed during your appointment, your chiropractor might decide to perform one, depending on your situation and what he or she finds during your adjustment. Clothing that features metal parts, such as zippers or metal buttons, can actually cause problems during your X-ray. This means that you might want to opt for clothing that is free of zippers or buttons. Otherwise, your chiropractor might ask you to change into a gown, similar to what you would wear in the hospital. If this is something that you want to avoid, you'll want to wear clothing that will not affect your X-ray.

You Probably Won't Be Changing

Unlike when you get a massage, you won't be asked to strip down. You may not have the opportunity to change clothes at all, although you may be able to if you ask your chiropractor. This means that you will probably want to go ahead and dress for your appointment before you arrive.

Keep these things in mind when preparing for your chiropractic appointment, and you shouldn't have to worry about wearing the wrong thing.


25 March 2016