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Missing A Front Tooth? Why A Dental Implant Is Better Than A Bridge To Fix It

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Missing a front tooth can cause a lot of anxiety, which is why replacing the tooth may be a priority. Two ways that you can fix a missing tooth are with a dental implant or a bridge. When it comes to your front teeth, an implant can be the better option for the following reasons.

The Disadvantages of Dental Bridges

When a bridge is installed for a front tooth, a fake tooth will be placed in the gap caused by the missing tooth. It stays in place by attaching to the surrounding teeth on both sides of your gap. The teeth that are perfectly healthy will be covered with crowns and bear all of the force that comes with holding the fake tooth between them. It puts unnecessary stress on healthy teeth, when your goal should be to not disturb any surrounding teeth if possible.

The Advantages of a Dental Implant

The main way that an implant is different from a bridge is that an implant is implanted in your jaw bone and doesn't affect the surrounding teeth at all. The result is that the implant will be much stronger than a dental bridge, and you will be able to chew and bite normally. This is crucial because front teeth are used a lot when biting, and they must be stable in order for them to be effective.

Your dental implant will also look completely natural. When the crown is applied to your titanium post, you have the option of using a porcelain or resin crown. The more expensive choice will be porcelain, but it will be strong and will resemble your natural enamel.

Installing A Dental Implant

One thing to keep in mind is that having a dental implant installed will take a while. This is because your jaw bone needs time to allow the implant's titanium post to bond to it. Thankfully, if your dentist opts for a 1-stage implant procedure, you will be sent home with a temporary crown the very same day that the post is installed. You will have to be somewhat careful when chewing or biting with the temporary crown, but it will fill in the gap well enough until you are ready to have the final crown installed. An alternative to using a temporary crown is a partial denture, which may be necessary if your dental implant needs more time to properly heal.

The end result of going with an implant is a tooth that is strong and natural-looking. If you have more questions about which procedure is best to fix your gap, speak to your dentist.


25 March 2016