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4 Features Of Eyeglasses That Reduce Harmful Effects Of Light From Computers

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Spending a lot of time gazing at a computer screen is linked to tired, red eyes, as well as headaches and other symptoms of eyestrain. In addition, using a computer in the evening can cause trouble sleeping. Four features of eyeglasses relieve eyestrain and sleep problems connected with computer work.

These features block artificial blue light, reduce glare, help keep eyes moist and address vision correction at computer screen distance:

Tints to Block Artificial Blue Light

Blue light from electronic screens not only causes eyestrain, it can eventually damage tissues in the eyes and cause eye disease. Blue light also interferes with the body's normal production of melatonin, a hormone that is important for sleep. 

Lenses with an orange or yellow tint block some of the blue light that emanates from computer screens. You might have seen these glasses advertised in non-prescription versions, primarily targeted toward people who are serious about computer gaming.

You may not be thrilled about that lens tint when you're away from the computer, so it's a good idea to have a second pair of eyeglasses for other use. 

Anti-Glare Coating

Adding an anti-reflective coating to the lenses has extra positive effects. You're less likely to squint while looking at the screen, and your eyes don't have to work harder to deal with glare bouncing off the screen and your glasses. 

Curved Long Lenses

You also can get lenses that are relatively long and curve at the sides. This reduces the amount of air moving in from the side of the lenses, helping prevent your eyes from getting too dry while looking at the screen. People tend to blink a lot less often than usual while looking at a computer screen, and that decreases eye moisture.

Computer Lenses

Another problem that causes eyestrain for people who wear glasses is the typical distance from the eyes to the screen. Corrective lenses help people focus on objects that are close or far away, whereas computer screens usually are placed at a distance that the eyes have more difficulty focusing on. The laptop computer is a prime example. 

Use a tape measure to determine how far the monitor is from your eyes. Take this information to an optometrist, who can test your vision at that distance and provide prescription lenses that correct any problems. 

Concluding Thoughts

When you go to your next appointment for an eye exam, ask the eye doctor about getting all these features in one pair of eyeglasses. This pair of glasses will essentially function as a pair of reading glasses when you're in front of a computer screen. To learn more, contact a company like with any questions you have.


15 June 2015