Adult Acne: Blasting Zits Into Oblivion

My name is Jamie Turner and when I turned 22, I started to form a horrible case of acne. I used every cleanser and lotion I could find and I even asked my physician for a topical steroid cream to clear up the zits on my face. After six months of treatment, my physician completed a blood test that concluded that a hormone imbalance was causing my acne. I started on therapy to control the amount of estrogen my body produced. The therapy along with a good diet and exercise regimen helped to clear up my acne. I am sharing my story, because acne is not just a condition that affects teenagers. It can affect adults at any age, and it can cause a great deal of embarrassment. Don't let your acne go untreated. Read my blog instead and learn about both natural and medical treatments that can help you.

Two Tips To Help You Choose The Right Stair Lift

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Stair lifts are wonderful devices that allow people with physical limitations to safely get to the different levels of their home.  Instead of having to worry about possibly falling down the stairs, or expending a great deal of time and energy trying to carefully get from one floor to another, you simply sit in the seat and relax comfortably as the lift delivers you to your desired level.

If you're looking to install a stair lift in your home, you may be a bit confused concerning which one will work best for you.  Use this information to help you choose the stair lift that will best meet your particular needs:

How Far Do You Want To Travel?

Although most stair lifts are designed to transport you in a single line up and down the stairs, there are other models available that can take you to even greater distances.  For example, if your bedroom is on the top floor of your home, you can install a stair lift that will not only lift you to the upper level of your home, but it will also extend to the entrance of your bedroom door.  

This type of stair lift is a great option if you are dealing with physical issues that make it hard for you to walk more than a few feet at a time.  Having this kind of stair lift can be truly amazing because it means that you can get out of bed in the morning, sit down into the stair lift chair and slowly glide along the length of the wall and down the stairs.  You can even request that your stair lift technician extend the device to reach the places in your home that you frequent the most, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

A Standing Stair Lift May Be A Better Option

A great alternative to the traditional, sitting chair lift is the standing stair lift.  This may be the perfect choice for you if you have medical issues such as arthritis that make it difficult for you to bend your knees.

Instead of struggling to get out of the chair lift once you've reached your destination, you simply walk off of the platform that you were being lifted on.  Keep in mind that standing stair lifts feature a strap that works much like a seat-belt so you will feel secure as you make your ascent up to the next level of your home.

Installing a stair lift can help to increase your peace of mind and prevent you from being relegated to one floor of your home.  Let these tips guide you to picking out the stair lift that you will enjoy for the long haul. To learn more, contact a company such as All-Star Lifts and get more questions.


28 April 2015