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2 Reasons Assisted Living Is Ideal For Seniors With Arthritis

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When an aging relative suffers from arthritis and is having trouble living alone, moving him or her to an assisted living community could result in a huge improvement in this relative's pain, comfort, and mobility. This is because many assisted living communities offer several different services that are geared towards helping people that have arthritis, and here are two reasons your relative might benefit from this move.


According to The Arthritis Society, the food a person eats can greatly affect the symptoms of the person's arthritis. Many seniors do not eat right when living at home, and this is often because of a lack of resources, mobility, and knowledge. Eating the right foods can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

At an assisted living facility, your relative will receive good nutritional meals each day. They will receive foods that are:

  • High in protein, fiber, nutrients, and vitamins
  • Low in sugar, saturated fats, and salt

These foods will help a person reach optimal health and can keep a person's weight under control.


The second key factor that plays a role in this is exercise. If your relative lives alone, there is a good chance that he or she may be living a life that is stagnant. When people do not move around enough or get the right types of workouts, stiffness from the arthritis is more likely to set in.

At an assisted living facility, your loved one could take part in the following activities, and each of these can bring relief to arthritis pain and help improve mobility, which is often lost to arthritis:

  • Aerobics – Even basic aerobics can make a difference in the life of a person suffering from arthritis. Aerobics gets the person moving, which helps with the flow of blood in the body.
  • Aquatics – Water therapy is one of the best exercises for seniors with arthritis. Working out in water is easier on the joints, and the warm water in a pool can be soothing.
  • Yoga – Any type of stretching activity can also be helpful in loosening stiffness in the body, and it can also relieve soreness caused by arthritis.
  • Dancing – If your relative is up to it, and if the community offers dance classes, he or she could sign up for these. Not only are these classes fun, but they also help with mobility and pain.

Many seniors are reluctant to make this type of move, and this is why it may be important for you to highlight all the benefits this would offer. To learn more, contact an assisted living facility near your area, such as Queen Anne Manor Senior Living or another place.


22 April 2015