Adult Acne: Blasting Zits Into Oblivion

My name is Jamie Turner and when I turned 22, I started to form a horrible case of acne. I used every cleanser and lotion I could find and I even asked my physician for a topical steroid cream to clear up the zits on my face. After six months of treatment, my physician completed a blood test that concluded that a hormone imbalance was causing my acne. I started on therapy to control the amount of estrogen my body produced. The therapy along with a good diet and exercise regimen helped to clear up my acne. I am sharing my story, because acne is not just a condition that affects teenagers. It can affect adults at any age, and it can cause a great deal of embarrassment. Don't let your acne go untreated. Read my blog instead and learn about both natural and medical treatments that can help you.

How To Maintain The Flexibility Of Your Feet

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When trying to stay fit, most people think about their abs, thighs and biceps, but few people give any thought to how important it is to keep their feet in good condition. Your feet take a pounding every day from the constant abuse you put them through, particularly if you happen to wear high heels. Many chiropractors recommend a series of basic exercises to increase toe strength and foot flexibility. You don't have to be a runner or dancer to benefit from these exercises. If the exercises don't help you, don't hesitate to contact a chiropractor to have your problem checked out.


While standing, keep your foot in each of the following positions for five seconds. Place one of your feet so your toes are the only thing touching the ground and then lift your heel up. Then lift your foot so that only the tip of your toes are touching the ground. Finally, curl your toes so your foot is resting on the nail of your big toe. Repeat this sequence 10 times. Then repeat for the other foot.

Golf Ball Roll

Place a golf ball under your foot and roll it around for two minutes. This is an effective massage for your foot and is very helpful for people who have foot cramps, arch strain or heel pain (plantar fasciitis). Repeat for the other foot.

Towel Lift Curls

Spread a small towel out on the floor and curl it up by gripping it with your toes. Relax your foot and then repeat this exercise five more times for each foot. This exercise can be helpful for people who have pain in the ball of their foot, toe cramps or hammertoes.

Pick up Marbles

Spread 20 marbles out on the floor immediately around you. Put a small bowl on the floor as well. Use your toes to pick up each marble and place them one by one into the bowl. Repeat this exercise with the other foot. This exercise helps people who have toe cramps, hammertoes and pain in the ball at their foot.

Sand Walking

Any time you get an opportunity to walk barefoot in some sand, either along the beach, through a desert or in a child's sandbox, you should take it. Doing this not only strengthens your toes, it provides an overall foot workout. Just make sure you watch out for sharp objects or sand spurs. For assistance, contact a professional like Anthony Iuzzolino DC.


30 January 2015