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Learn How To Replace The Batteries In Your Hearing Aids

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Getting hearing aids for the first time can be quite exciting, especially if you have not been able to hear for a long time. Unfortunately, there are many hearing aids that rely on batteries for power. When the battery dies, the hearing aid stops working. If you wear hearing aids that are battery operated and the batteries have died, use the following guide to learn how to replace the batteries quickly and easily.

Remove the Hearing Aid Battery

The first thing you need to do when replacing a hearing aid battery is to remove the old battery. Turn off your hearing aid and look at it closely. You should see a small door located on it. Open the door and a small battery should be visible. Remove the battery carefully from the hearing aid by turning the hearing aid upside down over your hand.  

Finding a Replacement Battery

Look at the battery that you just removed from your hearing aid. It should be a small button battery. The battery will have small numbers on one side of it that will indicate the size of the battery. Go to the store and buy two replacement batteries that are the exact size specified on the side of your old battery. There are many different sizes of button batteries on the market so you may want to take your old battery with you to use to compare the size of the new batteries against it.

Use the New Battery

Open the package that the new battery came in and place the new battery into the hearing aid in the same slot that the old battery came out of earlier. Look carefully at the door to the battery compartment because it should indicate which way to turn the battery to ensure that it is able to properly supply power to the hearing aid. Close the door to the battery compartment and repeat the process on your other hearing aid. Turn both of the aids on and test them to make sure that they are working properly.

Once you have replaced the batteries in your hearing aids, they should start to work well again right away. It is best to keep a few spare batteries at your home so that you can easily swap old batteries for fresh batteries as needed. This will ensure you never have to go without your hearing aids because you will always be able to properly power them.

To learn more, contact a company like Hearing Health Clinic with any questions you have.


21 January 2015